Since there weren’t enough opinions about anime on the Internet, I decided to write my own.

No, not really. Actually, I’m not even very familiar with the anime blogosphere or it’s quality, I spent the past years on forums only. I just recently noticed that I have these thoughts about anime, that I spend several days elaborating in my mind, and then randomly dump it all on some random unsuspecting poster in a Wall of Text format, when a tangentially related topic comes up. So I started this blog, because that format just seemed more appropriate for them. If I would get actual readers, that would be magnificent, but if not, then I guess it still works as an archivation method, and that would be better than simply losing all these brain farts in something like the 23th page of a “Which is the most overrated Anime?” thread.

I will probably cover the currently running seasons’ previews, first impressions, and reviews, but won’t follow any series from episode to episode.  I didn’t have time to watch many older series recently, but if I manage to, I would love to post some reviews for them, too. Other than that, many of my posts will be random rants about typical attitudes in the anime fandom. If you are here because I quoted you in such a rant, don’t worry, I likely didn’t intend to argue with you personally, I just used it as an inspiration to start my train of thought, as I’m just still getting used to changing from the forum-replying format to the more spontaneous blogging format, and I probably fell in-between.

To give a description of my general attitudes about anime, I would like to believe that I’m an inclusive, optimistic kind of fan, who would rather protect anything anime-related, with cries of “it’s a genre convention”, or “That’s just your subjective opinion”, than to berate it. It’s not that I don’t have negative opinions, you will see those in the blog too, but I would rather start from a “glass is half full” point.

I’m also a hardcore troper, so you will see that both in my vocabulary, and in my way of thinking, for example using these trope names value neutrally with the belief that Tropes Are Not Bad, as opposed to people who automatically treat them all like clichés.

The actual blog will start in a few weeks, after I lurked more in the blogosphere, I just wanted to get this started up now, so I can also study the wordpress interface.


2 responses to “IT IS HERE!

  1. Welcome to the murky depths of the anime fandom known as the blogosphere. Those beyond death salute you.

    Oh well, you picked a fine time to start, as the AniBlog Tourney is just around the corner. A brilliant opportunity to observe your new colleagues at their best.

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