You know what’s even better than the Thermae Romae anime?

The Thermae Romae manga. Seriously, it’s the same thing, with the same gags, except that it has better art. I originally checked it out before this season just to see what it’s like, and since it was only 4 translated chapters, I read through it. When the anime started, I found it very lacking compared to the original version. It had the same plot, but it looked like someone cut out the characters from the manga pages, colored them with a marker pen, and nudged them left and right while reading the text from the speech bubbles aloud. And it was very popular, and praised as an original, funny anime.

Well, of course most people didn’t read the manga. I don’t blame them, I also rarely read manga. It’s not a particularly bad thing, that most people don’t care about the details of the production, as long as they get an entertaining story. As long as that stance is made clear, it’s a legit school of thought. There is also another type of fans, who are interested in anayzing adaptations on their own merits, how well-directed they are, how dynamic their scriptwriting is,  how did did they manage to preserve the pacing, etc. That’s also a good thing.

But then, there is a third group of people, who seem to be a mix between the two. Who are trying to pose as “professional” reviewers, and describe anime with technical jargon, but don’t know enough about it, so in practice, they just end up throwing positive buzzwords around any story that they happened to find interesting, and negatives around one that they didn’t, and try to search for some pattern between different series. Studios, publishers, directors, voice actors, scriptwriters, episode directors, character designers, etc, not knowing how important each of these are.

And that’s how sometimes an animator gets the blame for being ordered to make a shallow boob anime based on a boob manga, and upcoming series get overhyped based on their staff list that is full of people who worked on some good shows, only to turn out to be disappointing, when it is realized that the supposed “CREATIVE GENIUS” that everyone looked up to like a saviour, is actually just responsible for making the characters move, and this time, the guy who is really responsible for telling the story, is a hack writer.


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