Springtime for retro

And idol groups! At least these are the two main trends that seem to dominate the upcoming spring season, other than the amusing coincidence of having two zombie harem comedies at the same time.

Now let’s summarize what I’m expecting from them, in decreasing order of expectations. I won’t describe everything that is airing, only the ones that I have some sort of opinion about. (either planning on watching it, or having a reason for not watching it other than being ignorant about the genre).   The remaining ones will be listed at the bottom.

Sakamichi no Apollon

From the creative genius behind the Citizen Kane of Anime! It’s about jazz! It looks shiny! Hahaha, there is no way that this will live up to the hype, especially when it’s source material isn’t all that similar to the one thing that made people notice it, (Cowboy Bebop), and ignoring that, is the fastest way to misunderstand a series’ potential.  Anyways, I do like shoujo stuff, and love triangles (that it seems to be), so I will enjoy it anyways, and the hype will  make it even more interesting.


Ok, now with this one, I’m pretty much falling into the same trap, and only putting it at the front because KyoAni is making it, but really, if there is one team that’s involvement can be taken as a consistent, credible seal of quality, it’s them. Say what you want about girl group shows in general, but even K-on was on an entirely different level from the ones that you can find at the bottom of every season. When they actually have a plot to work with, we have all reasons to expect a masterpiece.

Uchuu Kyoudai

I’m not sure what am I expecting from this, but the first few chapters of the manga reminded me of Rocket Girls, with it’s whacky premise but realistic contemporary spacefight, that combined into a really nice atmosphere, evoking the eternal children’s dream of becoming an astronaut.


This is one of the series that seems to be part of this season’s retro trend, with the only things known about it being that it’s based on a decades-old lost script, that was written by the legandary Space Opera writer, Leiji Matsumoto. Unfortunately, I doubt that the script was really lost in the same way as the Lost Ark. I would rather assume that it had so many problems that no one bothered to animate it until they really ran out of ideas. Anyways, it’s six episodes only, so there is not much to lose.

Fate/zero 2nd

I enjoyed the first half, so I have no reason to stop watching it.

Tasogare Otome X Amnesia

The trailer looks spooky, but from my information, it will also have ecchi comedy in it, that I don’t mind. I expect it to… I don’t know… be better than Another? More lively, at the very least.

Nazo no Kanojo X

This is one of the few manga series that I’m actually following, rather than just “checking out”. It has a really surreal premise, about a boy and a girl having a telepathic connection through tasing each other’s drool. Also, the girl wears scissors in her panties. It has a surprisingly innocent amosphere, for a story for such blatant and weird fetishism.

Kimi To Boku. 2  

The first season was getting progressively better, with more plot-like elements, and more (straight!) romantic subplots. I would hope that the second half would continue this trend and turn into full dramedy, but keeping the pace of the latest episodes would be already acceptable to me.


Well, I checked out the first few chapters. It’s a Zombie comedy with some surprisingly dark twists and imagery (that I bet will be cut from the anime). Unlike in Kore wa Zombie, here the zombie-ism itself is played seriously,  as the more morbid half of the series. It felt like one of those generic harem comedy series that  has enough unique elements that you can look at it positively if you want to, or handwave all the unique elements as gimmicks. I’m in the former group.

Eureka Seven AO

A sequel to a series that needed a better ending episode, but not a sequel series. I will probably watch this because I love the main series, and because you can never get enough out of surfing mechas, but I’m already worried about what it will do to the continuity. For example if that kid with Eureka’s hair sitting on top of Renton’s head is really their kid, what happened to them? Don’t screw up my happily ever after, AO!

Accel World

The only thing  that I know about this is that it is very popular, and that the trailer kicks ass. Except that part about the protagonist’s real world character design. Really, wasn’t there any other way to make him fat and short, than to draw him as a South Park character among normal anime people? It’s so out of place!


The trailer makes it look like another stronly retro-style show, with manly tears, Tokyo exploding, and general badassery everywhere, with not a single drop of moe.  That doesn’t make it good alone, so I won’t expect much from it.


To only idol series that I will be checking out, because this one also has an interesting premise about rebellion against a dystopian government. Though recent anime series about dystopian revolutionary themes have a disturbingly low success rate, with No 6, Guilty Crown, Fractale, in a single yearbut I’m going to hope that the common denominator in them was really noitaminA, and not the revolution. Checking it out for three episodes.

Ginga e Kickoff

I usually only give sports series a chance if there is something to it beyond “it’s a sports series”, such as romance, or drama, or comedy. In this case, there is no such thing, the only thing that caught my atention was the co-educated team. I will give it one to three episodes of chance for that.


Oh, noitaminA, how deep you have fallen, when I’m significantly more interested in the sequel of a generic boy-group series that I already know to be mediocre, than yourboy-group series, that might possibly end up being generic and mediocre in the wort case. Sic transit gloria mundi. Anyways, I’m checking out one episode.

Acchi Kocchi

Chibi gag series. Just like Kill Me Baby, I expect to drop it after one episode, but still giving it a chance.

These are the ones that I’m giving some sort of chance. 16 series. I expect to finish about 10 of them. The remaining ones running this season are:

Arashi no Yoru ni  
Haiyoru! Nyaruko-san!
Hiiro No Kakera 
Kore wa Zombie desu ka? Of The Dead 
Kuroko No Basuke
Medaka Box 
Natsuiro Kiseki
Phi Brain 2
Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future 
Queen’s Blade: Rebellion
Rock Lee’s Springtime of Youth 
Saint Seiya Omega 
Saki: Achiga-hen
Sengoku Collection 
Shining Hearts: Bread of Happiness
Shirokuma Cafe

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