Daily Lives of High School Boys is not clever

It’s funny. It’s the funniest show of the season. Well, it’s the only pure comedy of the season other than Kill Me Baby,  and being better than that doesn’t tell a lot, but still. It’s one of the best comedies of the past years, only slightly behind the other Nichijou.

It’s just not very…. you know… insightful.

Yes, tropes can be overused. They can become cliches. And in that clase, any self-conscious, intelligent show is expected to either avoid them, or play around with them. But simply invoking an exaggerated form of the cliche, and then directly pointing out how unrealistic it is, is the most basic method of that. It’s the narrative equivalent of repeating your debate partner’s point in a high-pitched voice, while making faces, or saying the opposite of what you mean, and calling it sarcasm. Even random forum posters and bloggers can do that much. There are more than enough of us willing to point out how stupid everything is.

In this show, there are two such recurring themes: 1, pinting out, that the K-on style slice-of-life genre is unrealistic, and 2, that the utsuge-style romance genre is unrealistic. Fortunately, it doesn’t spend too much of it’s content on pointing these out, so it doesn’t really hurt my ability to enjoy it as a comedy. I just wish it would either stop doing that, and focus on random hilarity in everyday life, or if it really wants to say something, it should be more elaborate about it, and actually make a coherent point.

Probably that second option is why the Literature Girl segments are my favorites in the whole thing, even if those are also one of these satirical parts. After so many segments, and with other segments establishing Hidenori in a consistently similar role, it just became elaborate enough, that I can take it “seriously” as an actual story about two people that shows the unrealistic expectations of romance, rather than just a random brainfart along the lines of “Hey guys, you know what’s stupid? Overly dramatic Boy-meets-girl scenarios with pretentious comments about the blowing wind. Well, those are so stupid!”


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