Zetsuen no Tempest – The expectation blaster

I am no ordinary blogger: My dreams come true! Just after I finished writing my bitching about K being too pointlessly original, here is the best first episode of the season I have seen so far, from Zetusen no Tempest, demonstrating everything that I just said.

Zetusen no Tempest has it all: Dead little sisters, a secret society of mages, the looming end of the world, an obsessive antihero… and it works! The orchestra music, the ham acting, the Shakespeare quotes, and the rawness of the plot add up to a feeling of a larger-than-life heroic epic,  much in the same way as the apples and the Dies Irae chants in Death Note give a mystical effect, or the classical music and Prussian costumes make LogH appear as deep and sophisticated.

It also helps, that it didn’t try to shove dozens of made-up words, and yet unknown characters in my face. Too many shows feel the need to give some sort of hook to make me watch the next episode, to prove that they have lots of content figured out, and show that I’m being thrown into deep water, and they do that by hinting at lots of backstory, and presenting incomprehensible character motivations. But the ting is, that I don’t need that. I already know that stuff will happen in the following episodes, because that’s what stuff does: It happens. I don’t need to leave an episode with quastions like “how did those giant swords appear over the city”, or “why is this character supposed to be the protagonist acting so strange”. You can just show me the premise of Mahiro, Yoshiro, and Hakaze fighting against evil mages, with good presentation and writing, and I will make the assumption that twists and turns will follow them on their adventure.



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