The depths of a niche

The anime fandom is a pretty narrow interest group. The kind of present day late night TV anime that you and I tend to focus on, are an even more obscure interest. In the past few weeks, I have  been thinking about this: at what point does an interest become too narrow? Does it ever reach a point, where you just have to take  a step back, and realize that you are obsessing over something that is insignificant in context?

Oh, no, it never does!“, you say. “Fandoms are all about enjoying yourself, and being entertained, so as long as this is fullfilled, all interests are equal!” This is how the niche fandom justifies itself. “That being well-versed in something like ancient greek plays or Russian romanticist literature is treated as something valuable, while “obsessing” over anime  is dismissed, is just because of an arbitary social prejudice. As long as you are content with your actions, they have the same inherent value”. 

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Winter roundup

When I started this blog, I expected to post typical episode-to-episode reviews like many other blogs, I just didn’t want to start it at the middle of the season. But here is the end of the season, and I’m starting to figure out, that I’m not very good at writing full reviews. There might be one specific issue that I notice about a show, and that’s still the better case. In the worse case, all I can think of is something like “wow, that was boring” or “that was good”.  But in either case, I just can’t throughly describe every show’s production values, every character, every OP, every plot point, with hundreds of words over and over again.

So this blog will stay focusing on the random “themes that I noticed in anime” and “attitudes that I project onto the whole fandom after disagreeing with them in a noname forum’s noname thread” themes, just like until now, instead of bothering too much with any such reviews.

But at least I will post a very short preview, fist impressions, and overview of all seasons. Let’s start this with an overview of the past winter season:

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